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To properly insure your food services business, your agent not only has to be an expert in small business insurance – they also have to know your industry. Without that insider knowledge, they could overlook a coverage that's fundamental to your protection plan.

Not every agency can claim expertise in helping food services businesses get insurance policies that fit their needs at competitive price points. But at Barsurance, we've been helping bars, delis, bakeries, concessionaires, caterers, and food entrepreneurs find appropriate coverage for years.

In fact, Barsurance…

  • Has offered small-business owners tailored insurance policies that generalist agencies could not.
  • Has helped over 1,500 food services entrepreneurs protect their investments with small business insurance.
  • Employs experienced agents who only write insurance policies for small businesses in the food service industry.

Whether you're looking for General Liability coverage, help with Liquor Liability Insurance, or other specialized restaurant insurance products, Barsurance can connect you with the polices that protect your business.

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